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Add some color darling

How To Thursday!
Every Thursday I will do a post on how to do top fashion trends or top decor trends!
Today I'll be doing "How To: ColorBlock!"
One fashion trend I love is color-blocking! You can do it a simple or an outrageous way! You can color-block for in the morning or in the afternoon, or even in the evening underneath the moon! It just a fun trend that looks good on anybody.
If you're the type of fashionista that likes playing it safe use a color-blocking top, a pair of jeans, and either a black shoe or a color that was in your top.
Want to go a bit bold but not too crazy with color-blocking? Try wearing a colored cardigan and a different colored top! Remember with color blocking your colors don't have to be simple!
Now, if you don't like coloring inside the lines you can do more than two pieces of different colored items. My advice is to chose between bright/neon colors or light/pastel colors! If you really don't like playing by the rules, mix it up with bright and light colors!
  How To: Color Block