Friday, 30 December 2011

The best has yet to come

In this post I will pick top 10 celebs, that in my opinion were the best dressed of 2011! 
10. Zooey Deschanel. I chose Zooey because she always has this cute awkward/indie look about her.
9.Elizabeth Olsen, she has very elegant and vintage style that suites her! She looks flawless and her beauty is effortless.
8. I chose Elle Fanning because even though she is 13 she dresses very mature. Her outfits don't make her look too old or too young, she balances out just well!
7. Kristen Stewart went from the awkward girl that wore Chucks with everything to a red carpet bombshell! Even though she has dropped the chucks and picked up some heals she still embodies her edginess.
6. Zoe Saldana in my opinion has never had a horrible outfit. She is always looking hot and elegant at the same time.
5. Jessica Biel can go from looking like a tomboy to a girl! 
4. Alexa Chung has that British, Indie, Girly feel and you can totally see that through her clothes. I think that she is the only person that could look cute in a pair of petty loafers with a cute floral dress!
3. Blake Lively dresses like the young sexy vixen she is and never does it badly.
2. Kate Middleton dresses well as her role of Duchess. She is elegant and beautiful 24/7.
1. Pippa Middleton snagged number one. She dresses very elegant and mature. She pulls it off so well it looks effortless. What I like about her and her sister is that they wear things more than once! 
Well that wraps up my top 10 best dressed of 2011! Hope you like the ladies I chose and if you have any opinions or suggestion for my blog or post let me know! 
Live and Love Life

Best dressed

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