Thursday, 29 December 2011

Day and Night

Here are items of clothing that can be used more than one way! I am using the weather to affect what item I choose and what to pair with it! 

Destroyed Skinny Jeans 
When doing skinny jeans during the day don't pair it with high heals because they will dress them! Also when doing them during the day don't pair it with anything too dressy unless you're going for a real dressy look during the day! As for night (like going out clubbing) dress it up! Pull out all the stops- hot as mess heals, cute blazers, nice/cute tops, and all the jewelry you can find!

day and night

Kimono Jacket
With bright colors use a pattern such as stripes just like the one I chose in my example. During the day wear a nice pair of boot-cut jeans and flats! You can dress up the jacket with nice silky tops, skinny jeans, and some rocking pair of heels!

The jumper I chose is already dressy as it is so during the day you can chose to wear skinny jeans (such as i picked) or a pair of boot-cut jeans. Chose a pair of flats that has a contrasting texture than the jumper! In the night time wear skinny jeans and chose heals with a bright color.

To dress down knee high boots wear a sweater, jeans (tucked into the boots), and a cable knot scarf! To dress it up, pair a cute bright color, textured, or print shirt with either a blazer or cable knit cardigan! Pair with bangles and a long layered necklace.

Some stores you'll have to check the sales for good prices!

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