Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I like cups!

Ceramic coffee cup
This is the best cup to drink your coffee out of! It keeps your hot beverage hot, but it won't burn your hands when you touch it! The rubber top is very nice to keep your lips from getting your lips burned. It's also great to take on the go.
They range anywhere from $10-$20 depends on where you get it! 

SubZero water bottle.

 This is a must have for Eco-friendly people. This is a metal water bottle that will keep your beverage cold and crisp! It is also nice to have near while your working out!
 This thing gets super cold on the outside!
range from $3- $30 depends on where you get it and what size you get!

Tervis Tumbler 
Okay so I absolutely LOVE the tumbler cups! I have one and I drink out of it ALL the time. They're dishwasher safe which is awesome! A good thing about this cup is that it doesn't dew- so NO COASTER! They're good for cold and hot drinks! 
You can buy them from tervis.com

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