Saturday, 31 December 2011


Meet Shibby, he is a little boy (wished he was a she so I could dress it up). My sister named him because her favorite movie is "Dude Where's My Car?". My mom thinks he is a Dotson Terrier mix, I wouldn't know because I am terrible with dog breeds! Shibby is a little lazy booger, when you hold him he will cozy up around your neck and just lay there! I love it because when I lay down he'll come and cuddle with me, which is great because I can not stand dogs jumping all over me and licking me! He is a little humper though, which I find hilarious because when I take him out to pee he is more worried about trying to hump my leg than peeing. When we get him to chase us he starts to hop because he has little stubby legs! He is pretty "Shibby" if I say so myself!

Live and Love Life!

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